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Color Coding for Calendars and Lists

 Select Your Options

Choice Column

 Name of the choice column.

Choices (max. 7)

Paste in this area the choices from your choice column (one per line).

Displayed Column

The field that will be displayed in the calendar or list.

Apply Color to

The semi-transparent background color will be derived from the text color. This may not be supported in some browsers (works fine in IE 7, IE 8, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4.1).

Draw Border

Select this checkbox to draw a 1px border around the item.

Color format

The color you select in the color picker will be rounded to the closest color name.

Text alignment

Cursor style

If you're using Internet Explorer and want a hand cursor in calendar views, select 'pointer (hand)'.

Separate Color Column

Check this box if you want the color formula to be stored in a separate column. Column name: 


If your SharePoint site is not in English, select your language. Note that it will only affect the formulas, the color names will remain in English.
   Choice 0: (No choice selected)
   Choice 1:
   Choice 2:
   Choice 3:
   Choice 4:
   Choice 5:
   Choice 6:
   Choice 7:

The formula below is updated dynamically based on your selection.

Paste the following formula in the calculated column that will be displayed in the list or calendar:



The formula generator helps you build color coded lists or calendars in SharePoint 2007.

To proceed:

1/ Fill out the form. Based on your choices, the formulas are automatically updated at the bottom of the form.

2/ Paste the formulas in calculated columns in your list.

3/ Get the script available under the download tab and add it to the page, under your list.

See this article for detailed explanations.



To download a file, right-click on the file name and select "Save Target As".

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