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Easy Tabs

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The Easy Tabs Web Part allows you to add a tabbed interface to a SharePoint page.


The Web Parts in this page are currently displayed as a flat list:
Introduction - Video - Instructions - Download - Behind the scene

To build the tabs, click here!





The Easy Tabs Web Part can be used on a SharePoint 2007 site by anybody who has design or full control permissions. The installation does not require server access.

1/ Download the Easy Tabs Web Part to your computer: under the "Download" tab, right click on the file name and select "save target as..."

2/ Add the Web Part to your SharePoint site collection:

- Click on Site Actions | Site Settings

- Under Galleries, select Web Parts

- Upload EasyTabs.dwp to the gallery

3/ You are now ready to use the Easy Tabs Web Part on any page of your site collection!


Easy Tabs v5.0 beta.aspxEasy Tabs v5.0 beta6.0Christophe3/27/2013 3:32 PMFollow the link to get version 5.0 beta of the Easy Tabs.
EasyTabs.dwpEasyTabs2.0Christophe5/29/2009 3:52 AMUse this Web Part to add tabs to a SharePoint page.
EasyTabs_bis.dwpEasyTabs_bis2.0Christophe5/29/2009 3:53 AMUse this Web Part for a second row of tabs in a SharePoint page. For additional rows, edit this Web Part and replace "12345" with another number.

 Behind the scene

The Easy Tabs Web Part is a Content Editor Web Part with some JavaScript. When added to a Web Part zone, the script identifies all the Web Parts that are present in the zone. For each visible Web Part it creates a tab named after the Web Part title.
The look and feel of the tabs match the theme of the site.

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