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Image Rotator

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The image rotator allows you to display on your page a picture randomly selected from a SharePoint picture library.

For example, the pictures on the left come from this library.

One key benefit of SharePoint picture libraries is that for each picture SharePoint automatically generates a thumbnail and a Web optimized picture. The proposed script takes advantage of this to offer optimum performance. Follow the instructions in this page to build your own image rotator.

You are welcome to contact me for feedback or questions:

You can also leave a comment on my blog.



To build your own image rotator, go to the "Build your own" tab, fill out the form and click on the "Generate script" button.

You can then paste the generated script in the source editor section of a Content Editor Web Part.

To get the settings URL of your picture library:
1/ Go to your picture library
2/ Select Settings | Picture Library Settings; you'll be sent to the settings page of the picture library
3/ Copy the URL of this page and paste it in the first field of the form

You can choose to add an onclick event to pictures. The click will either open the full size picture, or open a URL that you have entered in a text column. By default the form uses a text column called [Link]. Remember to include that column in the default view of the picture library.


 Build your own


Update: for the latest version of the image rotator, please visit the SharePoint User's Toolkit.


Picture library settings URL:
To get this URL: in your picture library, select Settings | Picture Library Settings
Picture format: Optimized for Web display
Original picture (not recommended)
Picture hyperlink: No hyperlink
Link to full size picture
Open link specified in the following text column:
Picture size: Forced height
Forced width
Full size
Refresh frequency: At page upload or refresh
Every seconds
Progress icon: Gears

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 Known issues

When using the Image Rotator, be aware of the following limitations:
1/ It only works in authenticated environments. This is a limitation of the SharePoint URL protocol used in the script. For anonymous users, you'll need to rely on another retrieval method, RSS feeds for example.
2/ It only works if the picture library is on the same domain as your Web page. This is a JavaScript limitation, for security reasons. So if the picture library is on, you can use the Image rotator on any page that belongs to, but not on for example.
 3/ The default view of your picture library needs to be a flat view.
If you are using folders in your picture library, you'll need to select the “view without folders” option in the default view settings.

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